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Token Listing Vote is a program by FIDEX to determine new coins/tokens which are eligible to be listed on Fidex exchange. All Fidex members could participate starting from the process of registration for the coins/tokens until vote on coins/tokens desired.

1/ Application:

  • Fill in the application form.
  • Registration Schedule will be announced on our Website / Telegram.
  • You need to register first to submit.
  • To register, 50.000 FEX per digital asset is required and will be deducted from account’s balance.

Digital Asset registration can be made on fidex.market website in “Voting” menu.

2/ Review:

Our listing committee will review the applications based on a list of criteria, including: qualifications, policy, risk, business model, core team members, scalability, infrastructure, distribution, investors, community, marketing and operations.

The review of the application often takes 2-3 working days. After passing the listing review, your project will be eligible for our Token Listing Vote.

3/ Voting:

  • Fidex members can vote with FEX. 1 vote = 1 FEX. (All vote tokens will be burnt)
  • There is no maximum vote limit for each Fidex member and you can vote to more than 1 coin/token. Every vote is final and can not be canceled.
  • FEX collected from Voting will be saved and not be used within 1 year.

4/ Listing:

Top 10% will be listed from each round. We will organise 1 round / month.

Register, and voting will happen in the last 2 weeks every month.

To be eligible for our Token Listing Vote, token teams are required to submit an application. Any projects which are found to have a risk in their policy or technology will not be eligible for the listing vote. The review status of the candidates will be announced via email.